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Transforming Conflict
Facilitating Nonviolence
A Facilitator's Guide


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Course Information
Transforming Conflict
Facilitating Nonviolence
A Facilitator's Guide

The purpose of the Transforming Conflict module is to enable the participant to develop and experience the use of communication skills for nonviolence to transform conflict and to negotiate with other people. The participants explore the extent of violence and nonviolence in everyday life. A safe respectful environment is created for learning to occur. In this safe environment participants are able to experience skills and strategies which are appropriate in real life situations. Participants can have fun experiencing these skills through co-operative group active learning activities.

On successful completion of the Transforming Conflict module, the participant will have experienced:
• community through the group activities in the module
• commitment to social responsibility
• overt affirmation and how it affects individuals.

On successful completion of this module, the participant will be able to:
• use community building and affirmation (respect and caring for self and others) skills
• identify strategies for conflict transformation/resolution and negotiation
• use a variety of conflict transformation strategies and communication skills
• demonstrate the use of conflict transformation communication skills to transform a conflict and to negotiate an outcome



This is a resource for two Communication modules developed by TAFE NSW - Access Division. TAFE NSW

Module Name TAFE NSW Module Number Content Transforming Conflict (formerly Skills for Nonviolence) 4964D " Affirmation (self-esteem & respect for others) " Building community " Co-operation and trust " Communication skills to transform conflict " Negotiation for a win/win resolution Facilitating Nonviolence 4997F " Affirmation, building community " Personal style in transforming conflict " How to facilitate the module Transforming Conflict

The focus of Facilitating Nonviolence 4997F is to equip people with skills to deliver training in nonviolence and transforming conflict.

These modules are contained in a range of TAFE NSW courses. For example, Transforming Conflict is part of the Certificate of General and Vocational Education (CGVE) and Certificate II in Communication Skills. Facilitating Nonviolence is part of the Graduate Certificate of Communication.

The modules may also be completed as two stand-alone short courses.

Course 1: Statement of Attainment in Skills for Nonviolence 9843 1. Module: Transforming Conflict 4964D

Course 2: Statement of Attainment in Strategies for Nonviolence 9844 1. Module: Transforming Conflict 4964D 2. Module: Facilitating Nonviolence 4997F

2001 TAFE NSW - Access Division page 5 Transforming Conflict



This resource package contains:
1. Course and module information (from the syllabuses).
2. Facilitation strategies (including delivery suggestions and templates).
3. Learning activities (detailing purpose and resources).

Each module is divided into five sequential teaching units. A set of suitable activities has been developed for each teaching units. There are also two sets of activities that are suitable for using in any of the teaching units (3.1. The Basic Activities and 3.2. Energiser Activities). One set of activities (3.7. Facilitation Activities) supports the module for development of skills for delivering training in nonviolence and transforming conflict, Facilitating Nonviolence.

It is important for participants to demonstrate the learning Outcomes of the first module, Transforming Conflict, before undertaking the second module, Facilitating Nonviolence. Some participants may be undertaking the second module without doing the first module. Because of this, the first two units of the second module cover many of the same activities as the first module.

Facilitators are encouraged to add and interfile their own collection of suitable learning activities.

To help facilitators plan their sessions for either module there are Session Planning Templates at the end of 2. Facilitation Strategies for both Modules.

2001 TAFE NSW - Access Division page 6 Transforming Conflict



1. This resource package provides facilitation strategies and learning activities for:

   •    Teachers/facilitators of the module Transforming Conflict AND

   •    Teachers/facilitators of the module Facilitating Nonviolence AND

2. This is a text for participants of the Facilitating Nonviolence module and any other program which delivers training in how to facilitate nonviolence learning, including the delivery of Transforming Conflict. There is no set text for Transforming Conflict as the learning is experiential. AND

3. This resource provides support and activities for teachers to use in delivering any module or course to young people.

2001 TAFE NSW - Access Division page 6 Transforming Conflict



TAFE teachers of these modules need to have the following qualifications. For further information, see the syllabus documents.

1. Educational Qualification of Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training or equivalent

2. Vocational Qualification of a degree, preferably with a major in Communication AND a formal Train the Trainer qualification from a recognised conflict management/resolution course provider such as TAFE (Facilitating Nonviolence module) or the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) or the Conflict Resolution Network (CRN).

3. Industry experience - current experience in facilitating communication education and training to adults.

2001 TAFE NSW - Access Division page 6 Transforming Conflict



Non-standard exemptions are available for participants who have completed Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) or Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP) workshops held under the auspice of AVP groups affiliated with Alternatives to Violence Project - Australia.

2001 TAFE NSW - Access Division page 7 Transforming Conflict


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